Artistic Director Ms Jeong Ae Ree
Performers Grace Kuo
  Patricia Sands
  Christina Thé
  Felicia Teo
  Moira Loh
  Joseph Yap
  Leslie Tay
Pianist Shane Thio

CabaRed Songs

  1. Songs of love and passion.

    Songs of yearning and longing.

    Songs to break your heart, and sooth your soul.

    A cabaret, in red…


    Grace Kuo

    - Song of a Nightclub Proprietress by Madeleine Dring

    - I Hate Music by Leonard Bernstein

    - Art is Calling for Me by Victor Herbert

    Moira Loh

    - Je ne t'aime pas by Kurt Weill

    - Barbara Song by Kurt Weill

    - Surabaya Johnny by Kurt Weill

    Patricia Sands

    - Night and Day by Cole Porter

    - Pampamapa by Carlos Guastavino (Argentina)

    - My Man's Gone Now by George Gershwin

    Joseph Yap

    - Getaran Jiwa by P. Ramlee

    - Putera Puteri by Jimmy Boyle

    - 日月之恋 (Love between Sun and Moon) Melody by: 朱嘉琪 Zhu Jia Qi, Words by 王光池 Wang Guang Chi, Arranged by 李晓明 Li Xiao Ming

    Christina Thé

    - Hotel by Francis Poulenc

    - Youkali by Kurt Weill

    - La Diva de l'Empire by Erik Satie

    Leslie Tay

    - It’s Gotta Be Bad to Be Good by Leonard Bernstein

    - Animal Passion by Jake Heggie

    - J’attends un navire (from “Marie Galante”) by Kurt Weill

    Felicia Teo

    - What Good Would the Moon Be by Kurt Weill

    - Lost in the Stars by Kurt Weill

    - Klops Lied by Kurt Weill